PDP, sore losers

PDP. logo

The PDP held sway for 16 years and even boasted that their party will rule Nigeria for 60 more years.

Heavens didn’t fall.

When the then Gen. Muhammadu Buhari trounced incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan, the poor man dutifully conceded defeat to the chagrin of his party men and hangers on. The PDP even planned to appeal against the victory but Jonathan will have non of that.

Now, Governor Nyesom Wike has been sacked by the Rivers State Election Petition Tribunal and they’re appealing. Well, that is their prerogative but I sincerely believe that the election in Rivers state was a no show – with violence, rigging, killings, malpractices, electoral fraud, voter intimidation, INEC’s collusion with PDP, absconding with ballot boxes – many of those captured by cameras and video shoots.

Even the foreign election watchers and observers said there was no election in Rivers state.

The PDP can go on appeal but –

They’re sore losers, period!


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