The Manchester derby is here

Man u . Anthony Martial

Today by 3pm (Nigerian local time) Manchester United will take on Manchester City at Old Trafford, the “Theater of Dreams”. The derby is the talk of the town and that worries me.

During an exclusive interview with United Review Wayne Rooney, captain of the Red Devils was asked whether the absence of City’s Aguero and Silva will have an impact on the derby’s result.

Rooney said, “Nowadays the top teams have such good squads that they can cope with injuries. The players they brought in cost over £100million in De Bruyne and Sterling, so they are two fantastic young players and we have to nullify their threats and take advantage of their flaws . . .”

I am a die-hard, dyed in the wool Man United fan and you can imagine what I’m going thru – because City (the blues) is a team to beat. I hope Anthony Martial (photo: above) will do his magic.

Louis Van Gaal, the Man United boss said, “If United win I shall take a very big glass of wine and toast our victory.”

As for me, I’ll probably down one very cold star beer for the road.



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