The PDP is hunted by its past

Buhari . PMB on CHANNELSTV interview in New Delhi, India. At the 3rd India.Africa Summit

President Muhammadu Buhari visited India for the 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit. In an interview with ChannelsTV and NTA in New Delhi in India, last Friday, the president said:

 ” . . I cannot pay all ministers because the country is broke . . . “

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, reacted last week, saying inter alia:

” . . . Mr. President makes his damaging comments in international fora with potential investors in attendance . . . “

President Muhammadu Buhari’s media aide, Femi Adesina, replied PDP, inter alia:

“President Buhari will remain true to . . . Nigerians and made them prefer his leadership to that of a lying and deceptive PDP administration . . . “

In a tweet last Sunday, PDP Senator Ben Bruce said:

“6 months is 1/8 of a 4 year tenure. If you are still blaming your predecessor after 6 months, when are you going to ever deliver the goods? . . . “

Olisa MetuhBen Bruce

So much for what President Buhari, Olisa Metuh (photo: left) or Sen. Bruce (photo: right) said.

Invariably, the PDP and its cohorts are accusing Buhari of demarketing Nigeria and dissuading foreign investments from coming to invest in Nigeria; and also pushing for action on fast and furious governance in the face of a debilitated governance system in the past.

The fact remains that the main opposition PDP and its supporters are suffering from posthumous guilt subsumed in reckless and wanton destruction of Nigeria’s economic, financial, fiscal, social and political fabric in the past 16 years – which are further enmeshed in mercurial impunity of the worst kind.

A proverbial stereotype teaches us that you can never know your future without knowing your past. I am not going to remember that the Jonathan administration submitted their handover notes four days to Buhari’s inauguration and that there was no time to study the documents.

Suffice it to say that after the swearing in of then Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) as President Muhammadu Buhari, it became a complex undertaking deciphering what was contained in the handover notes with the reality on ground.

Nobody and I repeat nobody or group of persons can hit the ground running like the new main opposition PDP was screaming and accusing the Buhari administration of being slow – “Baba Go Slow” they nicknamed President Buhari. Hit the ground running – to where? The findings via the handover notes by the new Buhari administration, was to say the least, confounding! There was rot everywhere!

Muhammadu Buhari being sworn in as President of Nigeria

A new tenant moves into a house after paying rent and discovers the house and its interior, including the toilets/bathrooms, kitchen, rooms and all its appurtenances are in dire straits – what is he to do? Move in like that or cleanup the place and move in?

The latter is more like it.

Femi Adesina’s reply to Olisa Metuh is vintage media savvy, as follows:

“The President will not, in the guise of ‘marketing’ the country, refrain from telling Nigerians and the world, the emerging truths about the abject state in which years of plundering by a PDP leadership has left the Nigerian treasury and economy . . . “


I couldn’t have said it any better. If all President Muhammadu Buhari succeeds in doing in his four-year tenure as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (which terminates in 2019) is to clean up the stable (i.e. the corrupt and inept ministries, parastatals, agencies and departments of the federal government and instill discipline in the polity) and also fight corruption to a standstill – because corruption is the biggest threat to Nigeria’s corporate existence – without doing anything else, then he would have become Nigeria’s Abraham Lincoln.

I rest my case!


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