December deadline: Nigerian military begins invasion of Sambisa Forest

Sambisa Forest . Nigerian soldiers invade Sambisa Forest
As President Muhammadu Buhari’s December 2015 deadline approaches in earnest, the Nigerian military commenced a major invasion of terrorist camps deep into the Sambisa Forest.

The Acting Director, Army public relations, Col. Sani Usman, said in a statement on Sunday that the invasion was a combined operation between ground troops and the fighter pilots of the Nigerian Air Force.

He said that various units of the Army had advanced into the forest and had cleared many of the terrorists’ camps.

He stated further that the troops rescued some people held captive by the Boko Haram, arrested some of the insurgents and destroyed most of their weapons and equipment.

According to him, some women and children recovered were being treated while 2000 rustled cows were on their way to Kanwuri.

Usman said that the terrorist camps destroyed in the combined operation were located at

Shuari, Adembe, Yerimari Kura, Yerimari Gana, Gonin Kurmi, Kore, Mainya Kore, and Lopere.

He added that the Multi-barrel Rocket Launcher Regiment also destroyed some terrorists’ camps at Dure, Dure Kore, Jokwa, and others.

Usman said that the troops also destroyed Boko Haram camps at ‘Bulagaije and Disa, Gwoza Local Government Area, Borno State and recovered motorcycles, Dane guns and ammunition apart from those destroyed in the Sambisa operation

The Acting Army Spokesman said that the troops also made serious discoveries including tunnels of the terrorists, weapons and equipment.

He said that while several of the insurgents were killed in the massive operation three soldiers were killed with two others injured.

He said that the advancing troops also cleared some Improvised Explosive Devices planted along their route by the insurgents.



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