North Korea says it conducted a hydrogen bomb test

North Korea . Kim Jong-Un

North Korea on Wednesday celebrated what it called a successful hydrogen bomb test . . .

This is a milestone that, if true, marks a colossal advancement for the reclusive regime and a big test for leaders worldwide to determine what to do about it.

BBC News: North Korea announces Hydrogen bomb successful test, below:

However, the North Korea hydrogen bomb test claim was met with increasing scepticism by many experts.

The announcement on North Korean TV that a “miniaturised hydrogen bomb” was successfully tested underground on Wednesday morning provoked outrage from the US, China, Japan, South Korea, the United Nations and NATO.

Nuclear experts said that North Korea could be experimenting with a hybrid – a boosted fission device, in which small amounts of hydrogen isotopes deuterium and tritium are placed inside the core of an atomic bomb to increase its yield through fusion. But if that had been successful it should have produced a yield in the tens of kilotons range.

South Korea has released a statement saying that North Korea’s nuclear test is a ‘grave provocation’.



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