U.S. Politics hits up: GOP explains Iowa Caucuses

US Politics . Iowa Caucuses

U.S. politics and the race to the White House is heating up as the major presidential candidates vying for tickets to run for the White House after President Barack Obama’s last term gear up for the final push . . .

US Politics . Clinton, Cruz, Sanders & Trump

Photo above: White House hopefuls viz, Clinton, Cruz, Sanders and Trump.

The Democratic and Republican presidential candidates make a last-minute push to drum up support among Iowa caucus-goers.

Video published on Feb 1, 2016.

Watch below:

U.S. Politics: 2016 Iowa Caucus explained by the GOP

Will Donald Trump Win the Presidential Nomination? There are tight races on both sides of the political divide, i.e. the Republican party’s side and the Democratic party’s side – as both parties try to influence the Iowa Caucuses . . .
US Politics . Iowa Caucuses 1

The U.S. Republican Party (a.k.a. Grand Old Party or GOP) explains what the Iowa Caucuses mean – within the realms of U.S. presidential politics.

Donald Trump 2

Will the Realty mogul, Donald Trump (photo: above) win the GOP ticket to run for the White House?

Big question!

Watch the GOP video below:



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