CNN projection: Hillary Clinton takes Nevada caucuses


Hillary Clinton will win the Nevada Democratic caucuses, CNN projects, a crucial victory that could ease concerns about her ability to secure the party’s nomination . . .

With 72% of the expected vote in, Clinton was ahead of Sanders 52.2% to 47.7%.

The win provides a jolt of momentum to the former secretary of state as she heads into the February 27 South Carolina Democratic primary and Super Tuesday on March 1.

Clinton faced a surprisingly spirited challenge here from Democratic rival Bernie Sanders. The two were in a virtual dead heat in recent days. A win by Sanders, who trounced Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, would have dealt Clinton a dramatic setback.

Clinton relied on strong turnout from Latino voters to hold Sanders at bay. Her surrogates fanned out across the Silver State this week, attempting to portray her as the more trustworthy candidate for Latinos.

In a statement, Sanders said he called Clinton to congratulate her.

“I am very proud of the campaign we ran,” he said. “Five weeks ago we were 25 points behind and we ended up in a very close election. And we probably will leave Nevada with a solid share of the delegates.”

Meanwhile in South Carolina, Republican voters are putting their strong record of anointing GOP nominees on the line. Polls there close at 7 p.m. ET , with 50 of the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination at stake.

Watch Hilary Clinton’s campaign video, below:

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