Hilary Clinton eyes Donald Trump

Clinton & Trump

Democratic frontrunner, Hilary Clinton, appears to be pivoting towards the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, as she opens up lead over Sanders in the caucuses – in March, 2016 . . .

Hillary Clinton, buoyed by a dominating win in South Carolina last Saturday, is opening a dual-track strategy in her bid for the White House, gradually pivoting toward Republicans even as she works to expand her lead across more than a dozen states voting this week.

“Tomorrow, this campaign goes national,” Clinton said, reveling in her historic victory in a speech to supporters, signaling a new phase of the nominating contest.

The wide margin of her South Carolina victory accelerates her transition to the general election. Clinton has mentioned Sanders less and less in recent days and in her victory speech targeted Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner.

Advisers to Clinton increasingly believe Trump is more likely than not to be the Republican nominee, which injects a considerable dose of uncertainty into any fall contest. A Clinton-Trump matchup, should that ultimately develop, could mean a new general election battleground, with states like New Jersey, Michigan and even Pennsylvania potentially competitive for Republicans.

Watch Hilary Clinton’s surge in the Caucuses, below:

Videos 1 & 2

Donald Trump wins again in Nevada

Business mogul, Donald Trump, wins a state-wide GOP Caucus in Nevada . . .

Donald Trump swept to victory last Tuesday in Nevada’s Republican caucuses, a third consecutive win that he said would likely propel him to the Republican presidential nomination.

“A couple of months ago we weren’t expected to win this,” Trump told shouting supporters at the Treasure Island casino, citing his previous triumphs in the South Carolina and New Hampshire primaries. “Now we’re winning, winning, winning the country.”

Predicting victories in upcoming primaries, Trump said: “It’s going to be an amazing two months … we might not even need the two months.”

Watch the video below:

Donald Trump wins big; Jeb Bush drops out

Donald Trump did more than win his second easy victory in consecutive presidential primaries in South Carolina on Saturday.

He advanced his takeover of the Republican Party. He proved that he can dominate a race in the Deep South. He vanquished the dynasty that ruled the GOP establishment for decades as Jeb Bush dropped his White House bid.

And in the process, Trump left no doubt that he is the GOP’s national front-runner and has the most credible path to capture the party’s nomination.

Jeb Bush dropped out of the race.

Watch the triumphant Trump below:



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