Donald Trump tightens grip on White House race

Donald Trump. GOP race

The American business mogul tightens his iron grip on the race to the White House. Business mogul, Donald Trump has won three more states, Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii, in his bid to secure the Republican White House nomination . . .

The three crucial states are the latest to choose presidential candidates to compete in November’s United States’ presidential election.

Trump, who has no iota of experience of elected office, leads the polls in Florida, from where he delivered his victory speech on Tuesday night.

“One of the things I am most happy about is the turnout has been just massive… I think it’s the single biggest story in politics today,” he said at a press conference in Jupiter.

The indefatigable Trump is ‘trumping’ Mr Rubio in his home state of Florida 40% to 24%, according to new CNN/ORC polls.

On Wednesday, Trump called on the Republican party (GOP) to unite behind him, after a week of stinging and hard-biting criticism from GOP leaders.

“Instead of fighting it, they should embrace it,” Trump said. I agree with Donald Trump.

With his strangulating victories, Donald Trump has solidified his position as the Republican front-runner, withstanding a barrage of negative advertisements questioning everything from his business acumen to his use of vulgar and profane language.

Trump . Mexican quote

The question is – does Trump care? I doubt very much.

Trump. His good looks

As the criticisms of Trump continue, he continues to rack up the numbers from one GOP state caucus to another.

On Tuesday, Frida Ghitis penned a treatise on titled: “Will U.S. democracy commit suicide?

Ghitis wrote “In his speech warning Republicans about the dangers of Donald Trump’s rise, former Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney quoted a famously intriguing line from John Adams, America’s second president. “Remember, democracy never lasts long,” Adams wrote. “There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

Ghitis’s story highlighted that “If Trump becomes president, America’s democratic structure will also be put to the test”

Whatever! I still maintain what I said in my own treatise on Trump’s White House race titled: “Diplomats in Washington DC gang up against Trump” – that Americans and her voters better start gearing up with a backup system – incase Donald Trump, not only wins the GOP nomination but throttles ahead to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Northwestern Washington DC a.k.a. The White House.

By Nnamdi Ebo

MM Treatise | Trump race 2.


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