Will ‘Batman V Superman’ break the wrong Box Office?

Batman V Superman 01

Batman V Superman sets unwanted Box Office record

The movie that cost a whopping $250 million to make, $50 million more than ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ has set an unwanted Box Office record considering the amount spent and the star-studded make up . . .

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ may have netted the fourth biggest opening weekend of all time, but according to business site Forbes, it’s broken a record that may be rather less welcome.

It’s recorded the worst audience drop-off over a weekend for any superhero movie in ‘modern box office history’.

Attendance has plummeted for the critically-hammered movie, which sets Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel against Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader.

The movie dropped to 55% between Friday and Sunday. Reports say that the numbers dropped further from 38% between Friday and Saturday, the second biggest drop after ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ recorded its 40% dip in 2012.

The movie currently dominates the worldwide box office charts, with a gross so far of $468 million (£324 million), the marketing, promotion and advertising spend of the movie will have been at least double its production costs. However, it’s thought that the movie will likely end up turning a profit.

Batman V Superman

Ben Arnold of Yahoo! Movies contends that: it’s thought that the movie will likely end up turning a profit, despite its ‘critical kryptonite’ reviews situation, though one source told Deadline that the movie ‘will not make a profit in the way that ‘Zootopia’ (global box office £484m, cost £104m) or ‘Deadpool’ (global box office £517m, cost £40m) have’.

A source close to the ‘Transformers’ franchise told Forbes: “These tent-pole action pictures don’t really make as much money as you’d think. The difference between the revenues and the expenses can be pretty slim.”

That said, despite the drop off in attendance, ‘Dawn of Justice’ could also benefit from there being little in its way in terms of large scale releases to take away its audience in the coming weeks.



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