Clinton & Trump win big in New York

Clinton & Trump win big in New York

Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump wrested back control of the Republican presidential race on Tuesday with a commanding victory in the New York primary, while Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton dealt a severe blow to Senator Bernie Sanders with an unexpectedly strong win that led her to declare that the Democratic nomination was “in sight.” . . .

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton notched resounding victories in New York Tuesday night, answering questions about their command of the race as the front-runners moved significantly closer to their party’s nominations.

Their decisive wins usher in a new phase in the 2016 campaign. Both Trump and Clinton have fought bitterly for months to keep their rivals at bay, each slogging through primary contests that exposed vulnerabilities in their candidacies and campaigns.

On Tuesday, Trump came close to sweeping New York’s 95 delegates. Trump held 847 delegates, while Ted Cruz had 553 and John Kasich had 148, according to CNN estimate. A Republican candidate needs 1,237 delegates to clinch the nomination. “We started this race not far from here on Roosevelt Island,” Clinton said in her victory speech.

Mrs. Clinton’s decisive victory ended a string of wins by Mr. Sanders and gave her more delegates than her advisers expected. Her base of support was Long Island, the five boroughs, and upstate cities, with female and black and Hispanic voters turning out for her in especially strong numbers.

The New York GOP primary confirmed the voter sentiments that have propelled Trump’s remarkable campaign. According to CNN exit polls, the billionaire businessman was the overwhelming favorite among Republican voters who said the next president should be “outside the establishment,” as well as those who are angry at or dissatisfied with the federal government. More than 9 in 10 Republican voters who said a presidential candidate’s top quality is to “tell it like it is” backed Trump.



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