Nigerian politics: American judge joins Ondo governorship race

Judge Dele Alade. US Judge 1

A Nigerian-born United States of America judge, Mr. Dele Alade, has declared his intention to contest the forthcoming governorship election in Ondo State of Nigeria under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) . . .

Alade declared that he joined the race not as a neophyte, but as one who has the key to turn around the economic situation of the state.

The American judge, who spoke with our correspondent in Akure, the Ondo State on Wednesday about his ambition to contest the November 2016 election in the state, said his desire was to help the younger ones in the state develop and enjoy a bright future.

He noted that the present Peoples Democratic Party’s administration in the state had failed the people, stressing that the APC had what it takes to take the state to the next level.

Judge Dele Alade. US Judge

The New York-based judge said as a legal practioner, he also participated in the Nigerian politics through his membership of different political associations in the USA which included the Alliance for Democracy where he was a national secretary in the United States.

He said, “This is a mission to rescue the masses out of poverty, though it is not an easy task but this is a mission to rescue the masses from the corrupt leaders. Attention will be specifically focused on youth empowerment, and the state will be repositioned as the number one cocoa producer in the country and the world.”

Ondo state logo

He promised to run an all-inclusive government saying, “I pledge to govern with the fear of God which shall enable me entrench the core values of equity, fairness, transparency, honesty, accountability, selflessness, forgiveness, reconciliation, peace and unity while running an all-inclusive administration.”





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