Donald Trump Cheers Britain On Brexit Vote

Trump arrives Turnberry Golf Course

Donald Trump Turnberry Scotland Brexit Vote Press Conference

On the day that Britain voted on a historic referendum to leave the European Union, the United States presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump, appeared in his signature helicopter — flanked by his entire family — at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for his newly revamped and retooled Turnberry Golf Course in Turnberry, Scotland, United Kingdom, one of his many business ventures around the world . . .

With the eyes of the American media firmly on his reaction to the EU Brexit vote as well as, presumably, that whole Presidential race thing in America, Trump firmly and unapologetically discussed . . . his Turnberry golf course while international cable and news networks turned on their signal feeds.

In the end, Donald Trump cheered Britain for voting to leave the European Union (EU). “They took back control of their country. It’s a great thing.” The billionaire business mogul continued: ”People are angry, all over the world, they’re angry,” he added. “They’re angry over borders, they’re angry over people coming into the country and taking over. Nobody even knows who they are. They’re angry about many, many things.”

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee said he expects other places to similarly reject the status quo, saying that “this will not be the last.” Trump expressed similar sentiments in a series of social media posts Friday morning: Self-determination is the sacred right of all free people, and the people of the UK have exercised that right for all”

Watch Donald Trump cheer Britain after the Brexit vote to exit the EU, below:



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