Dallas police during shootout

Dallas shootout: 5 police officers killed by snipers during protest

Dallas Texas was under siege as one sniper (or two?) ambushed Dallas police officers accompanying a peaceful protest in downtown Dallas – in protest against police killing of an African American during a highway stop . . .

The sniper who fatally shot five officers and wounded seven others during an demonstration in downtown Dallas was hellbent on killing white people, especially white police officers, Dallas police said Friday.

Dallas police chief . Mr. Brown & Mayor

“The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter, he said he was upset about the recent police shootings,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown (photo: above) said at a press conference.

Photos above L-R: Protesters marching in Dallas before the shootout & an ambulance evacuate dead or injured Dallas police officer after the shootout

Brown said the suspect, who police have not identified, told officers of his hatred the night before, during an hours-long standoff after a hail of gunfire disrupted an organized march against shooting of civilians especially black people. Protesters had gathered there to speak out against the police-involved shootings of two African-American men earlier this week in Minnesota and Louisiana.

Dallas . Brent Thompson, 43, was a nearly seven-year veteran of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit agency.

Photo above: Brent Thompson, a Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer killed during unrest overnight in Dallas, was the first officer killed in that agency’s line of duty.

Dallas . police bomb disposal robot

The suspect was killed about 2 a.m. Friday when police used a bomb disposal robot (photo: like the pic above) to detonate an improvised explosive device in a downtown parking garage where he was cornered by SWAT officers, Brown said. The man told officers he was acting alone, but police said investigators are still trying to identify other potential assailants. The chief declined to provide specifics.

“We’re going to keep these suspects guessing,” Brown said.

Photos above L-R: Dallas police officers take cover, confront sniper (or snipers)

There was mayhem on Thursday night’s ambush of police officers, which sent hundreds of demonstrators running for cover near City Hall. The victims included two civilians.

Members of the police department had met with protest organizers several times before the event, Brown said at an earlier, overnight news conference. The event had been peaceful with Black Lives Matter and police on site before shots rang.

Dallas police released image of Mark Hughes as suspect

Earlier in the evening, police published on Twitter a photo of a gun-toting man, with the message, “This is one of our suspects. Please help us find him!” The man, later identified as Mark Hughes (photo: above), turned himself into police when he realized he had been identified as a person of interest and was released after being questioned for about 30 minutes, CBS News reported.



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