trump. GOP leader

The ex-presumptive GOP presidential nominee, billionaire business mogul, Donald Trump, easily won the majority of the votes of the American Republican Party in Cleveland to secure the GOP nomination . . .

Trump obtained more than the 1,237 delegate votes need to officially secure the GOP presidential nomination Tuesday at the Republican National Convention.

“New York, New York” was played as it was announced loud and clear that Trump had met the mark needed, having taken in 2,427 – winning his home state of New York.

Trump children after dad wins GOP nomination in Cleveland

Photo: Donald Trump’s three children cheer their father’s victory at the GOP Convention

Trump received a total of 1725, followed by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wih 475, Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 120, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida with 114, Ben Carson with seven, Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush with three and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul with two votes.

Trump is expected to face presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the American general election.

Trump is it!



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