Trump Dollars

Democrats can’t stop talking about Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns. Wealthy Hilary Clinton supporters and other Democrats will not stop talking about Trump’s break with decades of presidential campaign tradition – releasing tax returns before or immediately after national conventions . . .

At the Democratic National Convention. Trump’s non-release of his taxes echoed on the convention stage Wednesday night. Recently crowned Democratic Vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, mocking Trump, said, “Believe me, there’s nothing suspicious in my tax returns. Believe me!” Of course the DEM crowd laughed.

Reports say Moishe Mana, a top fundraiser for Hilary Clinton offered $1 million to the charity of Trump’s choice if he makes his tax returns public. Another Clinton supporter offered $5 million.

It is not far-fetched why Clinton and her DEMS need Trump’s taxes. They believe that there is plenty of political material, more of meat, in Trump’s taxes, to sink him at the polls in November. However, Trump is unmoved and I am not surprised. The billionaire business mogul and chairman of the Trump Organization said at a news conference on Wednesday that the IRS is auditing his tax returns and that he’ll release them when the IRS tax review is complete – whatever that means.

The Clinton camp is still hurting from the State Department private email server scandal trailing Hilary Clinton and now the issue of the hack of emails at the Democratic National Committee (DNC). WikiLeaks released the hacked emails on the eve of the Democratic National convention, a leak its leader Julian Assange said was timed to inflict political damage on Hilary Clinton.

Putin’s Russia was finger-pointed by Obama’s White House, CIA and FBI and somehow they tried to link Trump to the hacks. President Obama alluded to Trump’s alleged cozying-up to Putin and stopped short of accusing Trump of complicity in the DNC email hack but Trump said Wednesday that he has no ties to Russia whatsoever, but that hasn’t stopped Democratic donors in Philadelphia from saying that in the absence of Trump’s tax returns, voters are left to wonder whether there are undisclosed financial ties between Trump and foreign countries and/or U.S. adversaries.

Trump once told a reporter who asked about his tax returns, alluding to his tax rate – to which Trump characteristically and without equivocation bellowed: “It’s none of your business.”

I think Trump himself believes a bad omen will be unleashed should he release his tax returns. The GOP presidential nominee once said in an interview that it might not make political sense for him to put out his tax returns to the public. I also think that DEM vipers are waiting to eat Trump alive. The last GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, was eaten up by DEM vipers on the same tax return brouhaha. Trump said that Romney’s tax returns were “a tiny peanut compared to mine,” on “Meet the Press” in an interview that aired last Sunday. There was little controversial in the Romney documents, he said. Yet the media “made him look bad,” Trump said. “In fact, I think he lost his election because of that.”

I doubt whether Donald J. Trump will like to be meat for DEM vipers. Trump may surprise everybody sooner than later – who knows. He is still enjoying his 6 percentage bounce from the GOP National Convention.



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