GOP candidate, Donald Trump and DEMs candidate, Hillary Clinton, start the U.S. presidential race to November 8 on near even ground, with Trump edging Clinton by 2 (two) points among likely voters, and the contest moving along demographic lines in a new poll by CNN . . .

Reports say that with about two months left until Election Day, a new national poll shows a tight race between the two major-party nominees. Donald Trump sits at 45 percent support, and Hillary Clinton has 43 percent in a CNN/ORC poll released today. The margin of error is 3 percentage points.

Hilary Clinton dropped 9 points from the previous CNN/ORC poll, released Aug. 1. The Democratic presidential candidate held a clear 9 point lead in the August CNN/ORC poll, 52 percent to Trump’s 43 percent. That lead has now essentially evaporated under a new resurgence by Donald Trump.

Poll shows GOP’s Trump edging ahead of DEM’s Clinton amid tightening race

Donald Trump has edged ahead of Hillary Clinton in a poll released Tuesday, the latest to reflect a tightening race as the campaigns kick into high gear after Labor Day. The CNN/ORC poll shows Trump leading Clinton 45-43 percent in a four-way race, with Libertarian Gary Johnson at 7 percent and Green Party’s Jill Stein at 2 percent.

The numbers are a stark reversal from an early August poll that gave Clinton an 8-point lead over the Republican nominee, and the latest to show the race may be closer than it once appeared.

Trump poll vaults over Clinton in latest survey

The latest CNN survey was conducted Sept. 1-4 among 1,001 adults, with a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

This latest poll from CNN (of all people) is surprising – to say the least. Trump’s campaign organization have always been distrustful of CNN, saying that the CNN covers Hilary Clinton more that it covers Trump. Even when it covers Trunp, according to Trump, it is biased. Subsequently, the Republican presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump has called the Cable News Network (CNN) as the Clinton News Network (CNN).

The fallout from Trump’s short trip to Mexico to meet with the Mexican president on the issue of building and funding a wall at the border between the U.S. and Mexico, and the release of some FBI information on Clinton’s infamous email scandal, when she was the U.S. Secretary of State – may account for a subsequent vaulting of Trump’s poll numbers.

Donald Trump has bounced into the lead . . .

Please watch the CNN video clip below:



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