GOP candidate, Donald Trump, may have carved a niche on his way to the White House as a number of states including Florida and Ohio are no longer considered likely wins for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project released on Saturday . . .


Photo: Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, during NBC’s Commander in Chief Forum, screened in the US on Matt Lauer’s Today Show.

The project, which combines opinion polls with an analysis of voting patterns under different election scenarios in the United States, still shows Clinton would have the best chance of winning the presidency if the Nov. 8 election were held today. However, Trump has caught up to her level of support in several states in the union.

Trump beats Clinton in polls on televised Commander in Chief Forum appearances

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, each made their case Wednesday at the Commander-in-Chief Forum, sponsored by NBC News and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in several opinion polls regarding NBC’s Commander in Chief Forum, screened in the US on Matt Lauer’s Today Show. The American presidential candidates each took part in a 15-minute question and answer session on the military, veterans and foreign policy on Wednesday (7 September 2016), with several polls showing viewers felt that the GOP nominee, Donald Trump performed better.

Another poll numbers, below:


Donald Trump praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, while Hillary Clinton defended her email scandal.

The GOP candidate shared several of the polls on his Twitter feed:



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