Conundrum of Trumpism.


This is Trump at his Trumpiest

The Republican presidential primary that turned out the conditions that fostered the real estate mogul’s rise in the political firmament of the United States of America have left their mark on the Republican party – and America . . .

What Donald J. Trump appears to be doing right now is giving in to those within his campaign who have urged an all-out civil war on political correctness in all its forms. Political correctness (PC) dictates that you can’t run ads of your opponents stumbling and coughing to insinuate an unrevealed health problem. But those PC cops have been wrong about Trump all along! They have no clue how the average person thinks! Screw ’em!

If Donald Trump had bombed in Sunday night’s second presidential debate, the rest of the 2016 campaign would have been made simple for Republicans who have never really known what to do with him and paved the way for Democrats to finish Trumpism. They would have disowned him in droves, insisting that his recently revealed comments about women coupled with the sort of campaign he has run to date disqualifies him as the party’s nominee. Democratic presidential nominee, Hilary Clinton has for the umpteenth time railed at how Trump is running his campaign – disorganized? Maybe!

Donald Trump’s debate performance left Republicans in a total no-man’s land. Trump didn’t bomb the debate in the eyes of the Republican base who, almost to a person, insisted he had won the debate going away — thanks to his willingness to take on Bill Clinton’s infidelity, Hillary Clinton’s alleged lies and, of course, the bias of the media, especially the New York Times (Trump arch foe). Many conservatives had been waiting 20+ years for someone to tell the Clintons to their face just how terrible they really are. And Trump did it in the 2nd presidential debate – effortlessly.

Did Trump appeal to undecided voters or to women, especially white women? who remain deeply skeptical of him. He won among conservatives by, willingly or not, losing among the swing voters he needs for November 8. Many base elements insist that Trump won among conservatives. And he won among conservatives by bashing the Clintons.

Soon after the 2nd presidential debate, women, women and women started coming out from the woodworks, all of them accusers, each had an accusation: Donald Trump is sexist, he touched me inappropriately: invaded my privacy in an airplane airborne; groped me: kissed me; put his hand up my skirt; Trump had his hands all over me; he touched my vagina through my underwear; he was like an octopus – what else? Trump fired back on the campaign trail looking unfazed – I’m innocent, it is politically motivated, this are unsubstantiated charges, I don’t know these women, that one is unattractive to be assaulted, I’m a victim, the media and the Clinton machine are after me, this is a conspiracy – just less than five weeks before the most important election in the history of America!

All of which means that no sensible Republican will walk away from Donald Trump. It was a whole hell of a lot harder than it was before the 2nd presidential debate. To win an election in America — almost any election — you first need your political base to come out and support you. The base supported Trump. Then you build outward from there. And walking away from your nominee now — after he has, in the eyes of that base, finally stood up to the Clintons — means risking that decent-sized chunk of those voters who constitute the Republican base.

The polls showed Trump slipping badly. Trump went back to Trump. Being Donald Trump got Donald Trump so far in the race. Anything thing goes right now! How did Trump get to this stage of the campaign? He abandoned scripted talking points and remained on message which was canvassed by his aides but he prefers to become Donald Trump. Suddenly, Trump refused to be politically correct. He introduced the so-called scorched earth policy or method of campaigning and started slamming everybody – perceived enemies, real enemies, foes and accusers: Republicans, Republican down ticket holders, the Republican establishment, even Democrats, women accusers, traitors, the whole media, the Clinton machine including Bill Clinton, and everybody else.

Republicans were watching Trump and his ways. Should we walk away from this man? He is killing the Republican party, the GOP! And no Republican candidate can risk that. Some still walked away. Former GOP lawmakers walked away from Trump, Sen. John McCain of Arizona walked away and House Speaker Paul Ryan recently told his colleagues in the House that he would no longer defend or campaign for Donald Trump. Ryan feigned a walk away or something that looks like walking away.

With Trump’s shenanigans in full display, any other politician would’ve had his/her political career terminated and/or destroyed – not Trump. Only Donald J. Trump can do many things, good or bad or sort of eh, evil? and get away with it. This is the pinch that Trump’s performance has put scads of Republican politicians in a sort of quagmire or more appropriately, a conundrum. A Conundrum is a confusing and difficult problem or question: one of the most difficult conundrums for the experts of U.S. presidential politics on both sides of the divide, including independents and political pundits and analysts, also including the CNN goons, is how or where to place the U.S. White House GOP hopeful, billionaire mogul, Donald J. Trump. Welcome to the conundrum of Trumpism.



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