Trump Retrieves Marine’s Hat On Windy Helicopter Pad

Trump & wife boards Marine One

The United States Commander-in-chief, Hon. Donald J. Trump, picked up an unnamed United States Marine One officer’s hat while at Joint Base Andrews – on a windy day . . .

Actually, Trump rescued a Marine’s hat on Saturday after it was blown off his head by a fast-moving wind, and conservatives are eating it up. The video of the US commander-in-chief retrieving a Marine’s hat from the ground, after arriving back home from a gathering of world leaders at the G20 meeting in Germany, went viral.

The wind struck again after Trump placed the hat back on the Marine’s head – the wind blew it off again, and Trump went after the hat again. He picked it up and this time, gave it to a military aide before tapping the Marine and boarding Marine One to the White House.

Mark my words, President Donald Trump helped a Marine with his hat and US conservatives are loving it.

Click to watch Trump retrieve a Marine’s hat, below:



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