Presidential Dealmaker: Trump Strikes Deal With Democrats

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President Donald Trump struck a deal with who? DEMOCRATS! Wow! The consummate realty billionaire and Apprentice star president masterminded an alliance with Democrats for a short-term fix on crucial debt ceiling legislation. This feat, though minor proves his bona fides as a dealmaker once and for all . . .

A day after President Donald Trump surprised his own party (The Republican Party) by taking the first offer from congressional Democrats to raise the debt ceiling and continue US government spending for three months, many House conservatives decided that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) is ultimately to blame for Trump’s impulsive deal. Was the Trump deal with democrats impulsive? No! I don’t think so!

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Photos L-R: US House Speaker Paul Ryan (R) US President Donald Trump & US Senator Chuck Schumer (D).

According to S.V. Date of HuffPost, Trump supporters and critics finally have something they can agree on: “this is brilliant,” said Michael Caputo, a former campaign aide who previously worked with Trump for several years on other issues, adding that the strategy reminded him of Trump’s 1987 bestseller. “It’s straight out of The Art of the Deal.”

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one of Trump’s informal advisers said taking up Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on their offer of a three-month extension to the nation’s borrowing authority meant clearing the deck for his top priority. “What he wanted to do was spend the next three months doing tax reform,” the adviser said. “This lets him do that.”

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Trump critics were not left out of Trump’s quick fix deal with the Democrats (photo: above). “He’s as reliable as a rattlesnake,” said Florida Republican consultant Rick Wilson, who added that Trump has now empowered Democrats to win their positions on any number of issues, from tax policy to health care. “You gave the Democrats a gun to your head. These guys are now hostage to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.”

Trump’s own party, the Republicans, wanted an 18-month extension of the US debt ceiling, pushing its expiration to beyond the 2018 US congressional elections. Thanks to Trump, the Republicans may have a hard time heading into primary election season. The Republicans are to blame, if you ask me. Trump One caused a deal to be wrapped up Friday, with the House overwhelmingly passing a package that included $15 billion for Hurricane Harvey relief, a three-month government funding bill, and the Schumer-Pelosi three-month debt ceiling extension. The Senate had already passed it on Thursday.

Photos L-R: President Donald Trump striking quick-fix deal with Democratic leaders in the Oval Office of the White House.

Trump’s conservative supporters don’t really care about US Speaker Paul Ryan’s Ayn Rand agenda or US Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell’s apparatchik agenda. Who do conservatives blame for President Trump’s bad deal? Paul Ryan, of Course! The only way they see it? President Donald Trump made a bad deal for Republicans on the debt limit and government funding, and, according to House conservatives, that’s Speaker Paul Ryan’s fault.

Paul Ryan

Photo: President Donald Trump made a bad deal for Republicans on the debt limit and government funding, and, according to House conservatives, that’s Speaker Paul Ryan’s fault.

The president may have set a precedent that will be tough for him to follow or break: He supported raising the US debt ceiling (House democrat’s preference) without concessions, and he has agreed to fund the US government without demanding money for his campaign-strong Mexican border wall.

Whichever way you look at it, Trump just struck a deal with his political enemies across the aisle. I am one of those who have implicit confidence on Donald Trump as a dealmaker. I doubt whether Trump laid himself bare for future legislative loses as predicted by some naysayers in his own party. I think that the president has something up his sleeves. Trump never loses a fight, especially if it’s got to do with the art of the deal.

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