About me

Nnamdi Ebo . 007

My name is Nnamdi Ebo. My friends call me ‘Madjack in Argungu’ or ‘Madjack in Argungu, the keep on trucking man’.

I am called either of these two cognomens but it started when I was a student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN).

The short hand of both cognomens is ‘Madjack’ which my friends find more user-friendly than the longer two cognomens.

I am a Political scientist, author, social commentator, ThisDay contributor, scholar in legal literature and politics, online newspaper publisher and a blogger.

This blog, MadjackMedia, taken after my short hand cognomen (adding media) was designed my me to provide: commentaries, analysis, reviews and critiques on carefully selected pressing national and global issues and matters emanating from the latest news, breaking news, reports, action stations and strategic statements, actions and/or inactions from nation states, governments, institutions, important/influential individuals and/or organisations of high net value, both in Nigeria and overseas.

My motto Mass communication technically refers to the process of transferring or transmitting messages to a large group of people in our global village, at the same time. Typically in this technological age, this requires the use of some form of media, the information superhighway – and I have chosen this online media organisation; this blog,  MadjackMedia, to reach out to Nigerians and the world, online and in realtime.

You can contact me thru email by clicking the link below:


Thank you.

Nnamdi Ebo


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