New Book: Let Trump Be Trump


Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie detail Trump’s campaign in new book

Blasting Elton John full volume and eating three McDonalds meals a day while Hope Hicks steams his pants: Corey Lewandowski and fellow former aide David Bossie detail Donald Trump’s wild election campaign in tell-all book . . .

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Trump World 2 

A new poll showed the approval rating of US President Donald Trump at 46%

Trump Touts Poll With Approval Rating Of 46 percent . . .

United States President Donald Trump took to Twitter Tuesday to boast of a new opinion poll that showed his approval rating at 46 percent, calling other estimates “#FakeNews.”

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The Digital Guru Who Won Election For Trump

Trump . Brad Parscale 2.

• Brad Parscale credits Facebook and a “great product” in Donald Trump

• He said social media platforms queued up to help the Trump campaign, wanting a share of its $100 million advertising budget . . .

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Presidential Dealmaker: Trump Strikes Deal With Democrats

Trump . dealmaker

President Donald Trump struck a deal with who? DEMOCRATS! Wow! The consummate realty billionaire and Apprentice star president masterminded an alliance with Democrats for a short-term fix on crucial debt ceiling legislation. This feat, though minor proves his bona fides as a dealmaker once and for all . . .

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Donald Trump Tweets Video Of Him Body Slamming & Punching CNN

Trump & CNN 2

President Donald Trump posts doctored video of himself ‘beating up CNN’

US President Donald Trump has posted a doctored video of himself attacking a person with CNN’s logo superimposed over his face. Trump’s video shows the President (10 years ago) body slamming and punching a man near a wrestling ring . . .

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Is The CNN “Fake News” Label Sticking?

Trump & CNN

CNN Is Jittery About Its Coverage Of The Trump-Russia Investigation

CNN’s announcement of new publishing restrictions on articles and news reports about President Donald Trump and Russia, as reported by Buzzfeed, has delighted the right-wing media in America, according to a report by Newsweek’s Tom Porter . . .

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Twitter Co-Founder Regrets Trump’s Use Of The Social Media Platform

Twitter . Evan Williams, Co founder of Twitter 2

The co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, recently apologized for twitter’s role in Donald Trump’s rise to the White House . . .

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Being U.S. President is Harder Than I Thought – Donald Trump


In an interview with Reuters, the United States President Donald Trump admitted the difficulty of the most powerful job in the world. This has surprised him awesomely. ‘I loved my previous life,’ he said. ‘I had so many things going. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.’ . . .

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Trump Lashed Out At Press Coverage Of Salacious ‘Dossier On Trump’


President-elect Donald Trump used his first press conference since July to lash out and rebuke specific news outlets for publishing reports on Tuesday regarding his campaign’s ‘dealings with Russia’ . . .

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