Twitter Co-Founder Regrets Trump’s Use Of The Social Media Platform

Twitter . Evan Williams, Co founder of Twitter 2

The co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, recently apologized for twitter’s role in Donald Trump’s rise to the White House . . .

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Being U.S. President is Harder Than I Thought – Donald Trump


In an interview with Reuters, the United States President Donald Trump admitted the difficulty of the most powerful job in the world. This has surprised him awesomely. ‘I loved my previous life,’ he said. ‘I had so many things going. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.’ . . .

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Trump Lashed Out At Press Coverage Of Salacious ‘Dossier On Trump’


President-elect Donald Trump used his first press conference since July to lash out and rebuke specific news outlets for publishing reports on Tuesday regarding his campaign’s ‘dealings with Russia’ . . .

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US First Lady Michelle Obama Talks To Oprah Winfrey


The outgoing U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama, talks to America’s quintessential cable and television hostess and celebrity, Oprah Winfrey, for the last time as First Lady. Michelle said she has no plans to run for office – any office. She is not a politician she insinuated . . .

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The White House: Trump Got There On The Cheap

Trump took the White House on the cheap, spending less than Clinton to the end

Jacob Pramuk@jacobpramuk

Donald Tump’s campaign spending kept trailing rival Hillary Clinton’s cash burn ahead of his surprise presidential victory last month and after it . . .

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Globalization and Technology Fueled Populism in America – Obama

Obama Says He Knew Americans Were Angry Before Election . ABC News

Obama Says He Knew Americans Were Angry Before Election

Did President Obama recognize the anger and frustration among the American people before the election of Donald Trump?

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The Rise of Donald Trump


About eighteen months ago, a billionaire real estate mogul, television personality, political neophyte and ultimate outsider completed a hostile takeover of the U.S. Republican Party a.k.a. Grand Old Party (GOP), leaving insiders wondering – how did we get here?

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FBI Writes Congress On Reopening Clinton Email investigation


The FBI Director wrote a letter to the U.S. Congress on Friday saying that during the investigation of an unrelated investigation of the Hilary Clinton email sandal, they stumbled on potentially relevant Hilary Clinton emails which may help their investigations – closed earlier with Hilary Clinton free of indictment or trial . . .

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White House Race: North Carolina GOP office Firebombed, Nazi Graffiti Appeared

GOP Office Damaged

A burned couch is shown next to warped campaign signs at the Orange County Republican Headquarters in Hillsborough, NC on Sunday, Oct. 16 2016. Someone threw flammable liquid inside a bottle through a window overnight and someone spray-painted an anti-GOP slogan referring to “Nazi Republicans” on a nearby wall, authorities said Sunday. State GOP director Dallas Woodhouse said no one was injured. (AP Photo/Jonathan Drew)

A flammable device (may be petrol bomb) was lobbed into a local Republican Party office in Orange County in North Carolina. Unknown person or persons spray-painted an anti-GOP slogan referring to “NAZI REPUBLICANS LEAVE TOWN OR ELSE” on a nearby wall, local authorities said on Sunday . . .

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